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Byte to “Bit”array

A byte is the smallest numeric datatype java offers but yesterday I came in contact with bytestreams for the first time and at the beginning of every package a marker byte is send which gives further instructions on how to handle the package. Every bit of the byte has a specific meaning so I am in need to entangle the byte into it’s 8 bits.

You probably could convert the byte to a boolean array or create a switch for every case but that can’t certainly be the best practice.

How is this possible in java why are there no bit datatypes in java?


Because there is no bit data type that exists on the physical computer. The smallest allotment you can allocate on most modern computers is a byte which is also known as an octet or 8 bits. When you display a single bit you are really just pulling that first bit out of the byte with arithmetic and adding it to a new byte which still is using an 8 bit space. If you want to put bit data inside of a byte you can but it will be stored as a at least a single byte no matter what programming language you use.