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Bounded, auto-discarding, non-blocking, concurrent collection

I’m looking for a collection that:

  • is a Deque/List – i.e. supports inserting elements at “the top” (newest items go to the top) – deque.addFirst(..) / list.add(0, ..). It could be a Queue, but the iteration order should be reverse – i.e. the most recently added items should come first.
  • is bounded – i.e. has a limit of 20 items
  • auto-discards the oldest items (those “at the bottom”, added first) when the capacity is reached
  • non-blocking – if the deque is empty, retrievals should not block. It should also not block / return false / null / throw exception is the deque is full.
  • concurrent – multiple threads should be able to operate on it

I can take LinkedBlockingDeque and wrap it into my custom collection that, on add operations checks the size and discards the last item(s). Is there a better option?



I made this simple imeplementation:

public class AutoDiscardingDeque<E> extends LinkedBlockingDeque<E> {

    public AutoDiscardingDeque() {

    public AutoDiscardingDeque(int capacity) {

    public synchronized boolean offerFirst(E e) {
        if (remainingCapacity() == 0) {
        return true;

For my needs this suffices, but it should be well-documented methods different than addFirst / offerFirst are still following the semantics of a blocking deque.

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