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Automatic Date/Time parser without specifying format [closed]

I am searching for a java library that can parse a string into a POJO without specifying the format. I have researched POjava. Is there anyother library which does similar thing?

DateTime dateTime = DateTimeParser.parse("21/02/13");

//If unclear use the cultural information passed
DateTime dateTime = DateTimeParser.parse("01/02/13", new Locale("en-us"));

//Should also work with time zones
DateTime dateTime = DateTimeParser.parse("2011/12/13T14:15:16+01:00");

I found the following links with the same problem Intelligent date / time parser for Java, but not very useful answers. Neither Joda or JChronic does what I wanted. Correct me if I am wrong.


The reason I say Joda does not solve my purpose is, Joda expects the string to be parsed in ISO8601 format or any format you specify like “yyyyMMdd”. I will not be able to hardcode this format as I need to handle several formats.

I have a hack around solution for eliminating the ambiguity with respect to American or European date formats, i.e. mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy. Assuming I have access to timezone of the date, can I determine if it is American or European format? Can someone tell me way to do this? Googled but found nothing.


I found the answer to my problem. I used this particular library POjava. This page explains how you can format the date+time string without specifying any format. However, for the library to work properly, you got to specify the date ordering like Day followed by Month or Month followed by Day.