Adding additional files to an Inno based setup for a Netbeans application

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I am using Inno 5 Setup Installer in Netbeans to build my Java Swing application into an executable set up file. It creates an app.exe setup file with all the lib(all jar file) and app.jar.

So once user executes app.exe file, it create a folder at C:usersusernamelocalappname which has the app.jar file and the libraries.

Is it possible to add additional text files in app.exe setup? so these text files will also be avaliable in “appname” folder when executed. These are required for the app to run.

Thanks for your time 🙂


In Inno Setup there is a ScriptWizard which i recommend to use. After a few steps there comes this window:

NOTE: I use the application from Inno Setup. I got the Screenshot from there. Script Wizard image

If you click on “Add files” you now can select your text file and it will be setup within your path.

If you don’t want to use the wizard, you can add your additional files as entries in the [Files] section, like for instance:

Source: "C:pathtoyourtextfileyouwanttoaddto"; DestDir: "{app}"

Except listing one entry per file, you can add e.g. all files of a certain extension from a given directory.

Source: stackoverflow