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Adc Conversion quantization

double vDeltaRef, vPlusRef = 10, vMinusRef = 0, q, n, nExp = 3;
     vDeltaRef = vPlusRef - vMinusRef;
     n = Math.pow(2, nExp);
     q = vDeltaRef / n;

the result from the formula is 1.25v this value:

enter image description here

How can I translate the obtained result


Since you know vPlusRef, vMinusRef and nExp, you can always calculate q (which is 1.25 in this case).

Then, to convert from digital to analog simply multiply the digital value with q. For example the 3-bit value 011, which is 3 in decimal, will be converted to 3.75 which is the lower bound of the required range 3.75 to 5.00.

Finally, to convert from analog to digital do:

int digitalValue = (int) Math.floor(analogValue / q);

For example an analog value of 8.19 would return 6, which is the 3-bit value 110.