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Spring deserializes a LocalDate in a @RequestBody differently from one in a @RequestParam – why, and can they be the same?

QUESTION: Spring appears to use different deserialization methods for LocalDate depending on whether it appears in a @RequestBody or a request @ReqestParam – is this correct, and if so, is there a way to configure them to be the same throughout an application? BACKGROUND: In my @RestController, I have two methods – one GET, and one POST. The GET expects

Spring Boot application in eclipse, the Tomcat connector configured to listen on port XXXX failed to start

I’m developing a REST API using Spring Framework. First I wasn’t able to run my application because of the same problem. The port 8080 on my computer is busy. Then I found out that one alternative to solve this problem is creating an file under src/main/resources folder. That’s what I made, and set up the server to listen on

ConfigurationProperties does not bind properties

I want to bind my into a class automatically by using @ConfigurationProperties annotation. First, I tried with @Value annotation and was able to inject property values into class variables. However, @ConfigurationProperties did not inject properties into values. my output: What is the wrong with this implementation? edit and solution: possible duplication: Spring Boot @ConfigurationProperties not retrieving