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Tag: spring

Ways to implement Google Pub Sub

I found these 3 ways for implementing messaging with Google Pub Sub: with client libraries with spring integration message channels and PubSubTemplate API without message channels but with PubSubTemplate API I want to understand the differences between them / when each is best to use and which would be useful for my case. I have to implement

Some doubts about this Spring Batch @Scheduled() annotation and how to manually start a Spring Batch job?

I am pretty new in Spring Batch and I have the following doubts about how to schedule the job start at a specific time. Into my project I have this SpringBatchExampleJobLauncher class: As you can see it contains the runSpringBatchExampleJob() method running the job at a specific time set by the cron expression into the Scheduled annotation: What is the

How to handle an error when database returns null value for one of the columns in the table

I’m using Java and Spring Boot with JPQL to access the data. I’m getting the below error because hourlyRate is null in the database: Caused by: org.hibernate.QueryException: could not instantiate class [] from tuple. I still would like to be able to get the data from the database even when that column has null value in the database and send