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Tag: spring-boot

Attribute ServerContainer not found in ServletContext

In my Spring boot application i use also websockets. Everything works fine, as expected in production. Now i started to create UnitTests with Spring-Boot-Test. Every time i start a @SpringBootTest , i get following exception (shortened): Long Version Spring Websocket Config Class POM.XML Spring Application Class Typical Failing Test Problem The Problem is, the actual Test never comes to the

Spring Boot graceful shutdown

I am developing a Spring Boot application backed by embedded Tomcat and I need to develop a graceful shutdown with the following steps: stop processing new HTTP requests (stop web container) process all already accepted requests shutdown Spring ApplicationContext *do the steps above sequentially (one by one) How can I achieve this? P.S. Spring Boot 1.5.20.RELEASE, Java 8 Answer I

Route order in Spring Cloud Gateway

We are implementing routes programmatically using a implementation of RouteDefinitionLocator. We have two services which should register at the same route path, where one of them is meant as a fallback if the other one does not exist. The preferred route with the specific path is: And the more general one, which should only fire if other route was found:

How to disable Google Cloud Platform integration?

I have these two dependencies in my POM file: I’d like to disable these GCP features in certain profiles. I need to test my app locally but GCP keeps getting in the way. Answer Spring depends on auto-configuration when setting up the application. In many cases, it scans the classpath for certain dependencies, and if they are present, auto-configuration is