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Tag: spring-boot

Embedded Redis for Spring Boot

I run my Integration Test cases with Spring Boot with the help of my local Redis server on my machine. But I want an embedded Redis server which is not dependent on any server and can run on any …

SpringBoot with Thymeleaf – css not found

First to say is that I’ve been searching for a solution for a while now and I’m quite desperate now. I cannot get the css file to be accessible from html page when run by Spring Boot. html.file folder structure: I’ve tried putting the css folder into a static folder and/or removing the addResourcesHandlers, referencing to the css by

How to write a unit test for a Spring Boot Controller endpoint

I have a sample Spring Boot app with the following Boot main class Controller What’s the easiest way to write a unit test for the controller? I tried the following but it complains about failing to autowire WebApplicationContext Answer Spring MVC offers a standaloneSetup that supports testing relatively simple controllers, without the need of context. Build a MockMvc by registering

Spring Boot ConflictingBeanDefinitionException: Annotation-specified bean name for @Controller class

I keep getting the ConflictingBeanDefinitionException error in my Spring boot application. I am not entirely sure as to how to address it, I have several @Configuration annotated classes helping to set up Thymeleaf, Spring Security and Web. Why is the application trying to setup the homeController twice? (and where is it trying to do this?) The error is: My spring

Spring Boot Program cannot find main class

I have a program which runs as a Spring boot App in eclipse. The program was running fine. Then i did the following: Right click on project -> Run As -> Maven Test . This was accidental. When i then tried to run the program as a spring boot app again, it threw the following error below. Error: Could not

Spring boot not executing schema.sql script

I’m developing a Spring Boot web application and want to create a MySql database if it’s not already created. So I’ve done a dump of my current database in order to have an empty schema of it. Put it in /src/main/resources, so maven brings it to /WEB-INF/classes when building the war file. That’s how my is configured (according to