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Tag: spring-boot

json date format in spring-boot

I am using spring-boot and I have an entity class defined something like this import org.joda.time.LocalDateTime; @Entity public class Project { @Type(type = “org.jadira.usertype.dateandtime….

Spring Boot + JPA : Column name annotation ignored

I have a Spring Boot application with dependency spring-boot-starter-data-jpa. My entity class has a column annotation with a column name. For example: SQL generated by this created test_name as the columns name. After looking for a solution I have found that spring.jpa.hibernate.naming_strategy=org.hibernate.cfg.EJB3NamingStrategy solved the problem (column name is taken from column annotation). Still, my question is why without naming_strategy set

Spring Boot: Unable to start EmbeddedWebApplicationContext due to missing EmbeddedServletContainerFactory bean

I am totally new to Spring and started to do the official guides from this site: I’d like to do this guide: I get the following Exception: The application starter class is this: As you can see, the main method contains a commented line. I’ve already done a tutorial, namely this one: It’s up and running. But