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Tag: java

Sort function in Java collections

If I have following list of student objects, I need to sort these objects in following order. I have tried following code, I am getting following result. But I need all zero’s should be at last. Answer A better way to sort them with 0 higher than any value is: This will correctly handle the case where obj.Rank=Integer.MAX_VALUE. If your

To display a Base64 image in AngularJS

I have inserted a Base64 image to a database using this Java code: But if I try to display the image in AngularJS using it, it is not displaying the image. In SQL Server I have saved my image as varbinary(max) and in AngularJS code, But I am getting only bytes with a message like this: Where am I going wrong?

Limit login attempt in Java

I am trying to limit the maximum login attempts to 3. However, my code below uses all the attempts before the user can get a chance to press the login button again. How would I fix this? Answer Whenever, the executeLogin() will be invoked, the previous value of totalAttempts will be erased and it will be again initialized to 3.

tableview is empty when i add an item

I need help with an empty tableview. When I put items in an ObservableList and do setItems with this list, the tableview doesn’t show the items from the list. I have included Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example(I think). Main class. Afegir Class. And subvencio class. Edit: @James_D : I use an instance of one of your controllers because if i