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Tag: java

Invalid operation for read only resultset: updateString

Following is my code(Re-constructed) which select & update STATUS field depending upon the conditions. (Using Servlets, Oracle as Backend and JDBC driver) I am getting the error while updating: Any suggestions will be appreciated. Update 1: The same code was working when select statement was selecting data from single table, so is there any issue when selecting data from two

Dragging an undecorated Stage in JavaFX

I would like to have a Stage set to “UNDECORATED” made draggable and minimizable. The problem is that I can’t find a way to do so since the examples I come accross that do this do so via methods inserted inside the main method. I would like to have this done via a method declared in the controller class, like

Java Virtual Machine Heap Tuning Parameters

What would be the effect of setting only -Xms without setting a -Xmx for eg. java -Xms 2048m ? Does setting a high lower value for -Xms mean lesser Heap Fragmentation? Answer Setting -Xms to the estimated heap requirement of your application will speed up start of your application (of course Xms must be <= Xmx). Reason is the VM

Return Java system exit value to bash script

I am trying to get the return value from a java program ( System.exit(1);) into a shell script, but it seems like its returning the jvm exit code, which is always 0, if it doesnt crash. For testing purposes, this is the very first line in my main(). Anyone know how to do this? My bash code: Thanks Answer If

When to use ** (double star) in glob syntax within JAVA

Directly from this Java Oracle tutorial: Two asterisks, **, works like * but crosses directory boundaries. This syntax is generally used for matching complete paths. Could anybody do a real example out of it? What do they mean with “crosses directory boundary”? Crossing the directory boundary, I imagine something like checking the file from root to getNameCount()-1. Again a real