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Tag: java

Square GridPane of square cells

My goal is to create a GridView that is resizable, always square and contains an equal number of rows and columns, making their cells also square, similar to a Reversi or Chess board. Here’s a small illustration, the grid is centered horizontally on the content pane. I’ve tried a multitude of different binding variants and layouts, but I can’t quite

Vaadin grid – filtering with lazy loading

I have vaadin grid, and it’s great that it has lazy data loading from the box. But for some reasons I have custom filters, which I use via CallbackDataProvider<> dataProvider.fetch(Query query) Query object has parameters for loading by portions (offset and limit), so I need to set it dynamically (?) and somehow listen grid scrolling event to load next part

CAS Spnego – KrbException: Checksum failed

I’m trying to use SPNEGO (Kerberos) authentication with Active Directory – with CAS server (github). Here is official instruction: I used this template: So pom.xmlis taken from there. Unfortunately, I only receive this exception: Question: What does it means? Which configuration element could make this issue? Answer I found the solution. In short: I have bad cas.authn.spnego.jcifsServicePrincipal in

List of array in Android

I am creating OMR scanner in java. I have List of which contains contours from image. i want to create array of List. how can i accomplish it? this is what i have right now What i want to do is so that i can store array of countours() for each question. Like [1] contour1,contour2,contour3,contour4,contour5 [2] contour1,contour2,contour3,contour4,contour5 [3] contour1,contour2,contour3,contour4,contour5 ………………………….

How to connect to SQS queue

I have created several SQS queues in the management console. All the queues have full access permission (Allow – Everybody – All SQS Actions) I have created necessary credentials and can connect to AWS. Now I am trying to connect to created queues: But nothing is displayed. At the same time, if I create queue programatically: It is listed and