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Tag: java

On Which Line Number Was the Regex Match Found?

I would like to search a .java file using Regular Expressions and I wonder if there is a way to detect one what lines in the file the matches are found. For example if I look for the match hello with Java regular expressions, will some method tell me that the matches were found on lines 9, 15, and 30?

Assets folder in Android Studio Unit Test

I have a Gradle project with the following structure: Now I want to add a unit test which uses a resource (either “raw” or “asset”). I put my resource into project/androidTest/assets/test_file and access it with getContext().getResources().getAssets().open(“test_file”); (in an AndroidTestCase). However, this gives me a FileNotFoundException. How can I fix this? Answer It looks like you’re trying to create an instrumented

What is the difference between concatMap and flatMap in RxJava

It seems that these 2 functions are pretty similar. They have same signature (accepting rx.functions.Func1<? super T, ? extends Observable<? extends R>> func), and their marble diagrams look exactly same. Can’t paste the pics here, but here’s one for concatMap, and here’s one for flatMap. There seems to be some subtle difference in the description of resulting Observable, where one