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Tag: java

Should I do things like this?

I’m only started learning guava. So I don’t know best practices and etc. These is code (it binding some classes and put in Order by input collection): So, should I separate it in several operations? upd what does it do? It takes collection. Sorts it. Maps each object to other one. Creates new ImmutableList and return it. Answer I think

Best way to parseDouble with comma as decimal separator?

Because of the comma used as the decimal separator, this code throws a NumberFormatException: Is there a better way to parse “1,234” to get 1.234 than: p = p.replaceAll(“,”,”.”);? Answer Use java.text.NumberFormat: Updated: To support multi-language apps use:

autocomplete in vaadin?

I’m new to vaadin. How do I do autocomplete (actually, more like google suggest) on a huge set of data that cannot be loaded in memory, but instead performing a JPA query on every key event. Is it possible to capture key events on a textfield or combobox? Answer You could check out Henrik Paul’s SuperImmediateTextField, which is a Vaadin