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Tag: java

Java mutable byte array data structure

I’m trying to find an easy way to create a mutable byte array that can automatically append any primitive Java data type. I’ve been searching but could not find anything useful. I’m looking for …

How to use if else condition for searching element using WebDriver in Selenium?

I used else if concept I have not used try catch finally concept webdriver element finding using elseif loop how I want it to work : First it will check for “if” condition that is [if(driver.findElement(By.xpath(“username”)).isDisplayed())] and if it is not found it will not print any statement. because “if” condition is not seen it will go to “elseif” condition

Get Random Element from Collection

I have a Collection how do I get a random Obj from it? I’ve checked the docs and there doesn’t seem to be a way, since iterator is the only way to access the collection. Do I have to …

IntelliJ IDEA 13 uses Java 1.5 despite setting to 1.7

Despite specifying JDK 1.7 in all project settings (including in File -> Project Structure -> Project :: Project SDK), the following error is produced by IntelliJ 13 when trying to compile some simple Java 7 code which does use the diamond operator: Is there any other place in the configuration where the expected -source 7 option should be enabled? Answer

Calculate average of a huge long array

I’m trying to calculate the average of many (more than 200) long (primitive type) values stored in an array. Usually you add all the numbers and divide it by the number of the values. But this is not possible in this case since there is no primitive datatype in Java capable of holding such a large number, isn’t it? Will