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Tag: java

Java inheritance using super keyword

I am using inheritance along with super function in my program ,but when I am extending my class it showing error message “There is no default constructor in ‘cc’. ” . This error message is coming after 1st subclass is extended and trying to make 2nd subclass. Here is the code Answer dd inherits cc, so it’ll have to call

How to start up spring-boot application via command line?

I have a spring-boot application which I need to start up by going to the folder directory and start up my web application via command line. I have a class called and the code inside it is as followed. I set up classpath then tried to run the command “java ApplicationUtility” but I’m getting this error message “Could not

Wicket: how to create ExternalLink with

Within a table cell, I have to create a Wicket ExternalLink that shows the response in a new browser tab. I’ve used this code (Wicket 7.9): But Wicket renders this: <div onclick=”window.location.href=’;request=GetCapabilities’;return false;” target=”_blank”>Caps</div> This doesn’t open a new tab. The tables HTML markup is generated by Wicket, so I can’t insert <td><a wicket:id=”link” href=”…”></a></td> in the corresponding markup. How

delegate builder null when injecting authentication manager in spring security

I am in the process of converting an existing and working Spring Security (version 3.2.10) XML-configuration to a Java-based configuration. The XML-configuration I am replacing has an authentication manager configured: My Java configuration equivalent is: As the authentication manager is referred to by its alias in constructing other beans, I have overridden the authenticationmanagerbean like this: As suggested e.g. in

Could not transfer artifacts from/to central maven repo when using Spring Framework Cloud

I am trying to create a maven project using Spring Framework Cloud. I defined pom.xml file as below When trying to build maven getting error for all dependencies as Could not transfer artifacts from/to central ( Multiple annotations found at this line: – Failure to transfer org.springframework:spring-orm:jar:4.2.6.RELEASE from was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted

What is the difference between intermediate and terminal operations?

can someone tell me What is the difference between intermediate and terminal operations for Stream? Stream operations are combined into pipelines to process streams. All operations are either intermediate or terminal ..means?. Answer A Stream supports several operations and these operations are divided into intermediate and terminal operations. The distinction between this operations is that an intermediate operation is lazy

Android Studio 3.0.1 gradle build pkix pathbuilding failed

I have created a new project in android studio 3.0.1 setup the proxy settings of company and added the self sighned certificate unser server sertificates. When I try to build the following error is listed and the build fails. Error: Could somebody help me? Answer Solved this by adding the self signed certificate of my company to the cacerts file