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How do you create a proper Epoch calendar object in Java?

I want to create a calendar object that is the epoch date. What’s the ‘correct’ (if any) way to do it? Answer The ‘setTimeInMillis()’ method would work fine and be easily understood by others. It might also be clearer if you passed it 0 instead of 1. The first method has more line noise and just adds more chances that

Bounded, auto-discarding, non-blocking, concurrent collection

I’m looking for a collection that: is a Deque/List – i.e. supports inserting elements at “the top” (newest items go to the top) – deque.addFirst(..) / list.add(0, ..). It could be a Queue, but the iteration order should be reverse – i.e. the most recently added items should come first. is bounded – i.e. has a limit of 20 items

Hibernate @ManyToOne references an unknown entity

I am receiving the following Hibernate Exception: @OneToOne or @ManyToOne on Matchup.awayTeam references an unknown entity: Team The simplified Matchup class looks like this: @Entity public class …