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Are server 500 errors a security issue?

I’ve found that it’s possible to cause 500 errors on a server using curl and a faked GWT-Permutation with a POST payload. The payload is generating a java.lang.Exception on an Apache server. Does this open up a security issue? Should I report it to Google’s GWT support? To clarify the question: Would a significant number of server errors be a

Jaas Basic Authentication tomcat 7

I keep on getting the same error, I have already changed the tomcat7w file that specifies the jaas config file location I have already added this tom my tomcat7w.exe file. another is that I also have this realm so what am I missing? please help me, I am using netbeans, tomcat 7.0.47. I have resolved to using glassfish! Answer According

Why does my ArrayList contain N copies of the last item added to the list?

I’m adding three different objects to an ArrayList, but the list contains three copies of the last object I added. For example: Expected: Actual: What mistake have I made? Note: this is designed to be a canonical Q&A for the numerous similar issues that arise on this site. Answer This problem has two typical causes: Static fields used by the

How to retrieve my public and private key from the keystore we created

My task is the following: Retrieve my public and private key from the keystore I created. Use these keys to encrypt a paragraph using my RSA 2048-bit public key. Digitally sign the result using the DSA-SHA-1 signature algorithm. Save the digital signature output on a file called output.dat. The program below is throwing error : “ No installed provider supports