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How can I get a value from an array [closed]

I am trying to solve this problem, I want to use these numbers one by one, but I cannot. String a = “101”; char[] array = a.toCharArray(); for (int i = 0; i < array.length; i++) { // …

Create Jar from Checker Framework enabled build?

I’m adding Checker Framework to an existing Java Gradle build. I have Checker integrated and raising issues and that’s all working great. But now that I’ve added it, my build is no longer producing a ….

Liquibase conditional migration

I want to automate some migration processes for stack: Java, Maven, Spring-Boot, Postgres, Liquibase. Is it possible to postpone some liquibase change logs until a specific maven module version? …

I can’t generate the gRPC stubs classes

I managed to generate the classes through the .proto file but they are in the build. I would like the classes to be generated within the main because when I am going to extend the stub, it is not …

How do I align a JPanel centered underneath another JPanel?

I have the following GUI that I’m working on. panel1 contains the titel and titelInput . At the moment I am setting the BorderLayout of panel1 to BorderLayout.NORTH and panel2 to BorderLayout.CENTER to see if it is possible to see both (which it is not). As far as I know, panel2 overlays panel1 because BorderLayout is always centered in the

How to access values of variables from other class?

Hey guys so I am new to OOP and trying to make my first OOP program. But then I encountered a problem. I don’t know why the values hasn’t changed even though I put a variable on the parameter of the …