Eclipse Java – invalid package name – Reserved words in package name

I am in the middle of an android project and was trying to create a new package in it. com.mycompany.myprojectname.new Well, Eclipse is not letting me to create it and is showing this error: …

How to check if user defined entry in vector in java?

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I have a vector of entries. Each entry is an instance of this class: public class Entry implements Comparable{ private String _key; private CustomSet _value; […] @…

Random errors when changing series using JFreeChart

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I’m making a GUI that display result of background calculations. But before that, I wanted to test changing the dataset. Here is my code: DefaultXYDataset dataset = new DefaultXYDataset(); @Override …


Java enums – choice between fields, abstract methods, and class level map

I have written a Java enum where the values have various attributes. These attributes could be stored in any of the following ways: Using fields: enum Eenum { V1(p1), V2(p2); private final A …

How to terminate a JOptionPane ConfirmDialog from an actionListener

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I use this line to show my ConfirmDialog int yn = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(frame.getParent(), scrollPane, “stuffs”, JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION); In that ConfirmDialog I have …

How to login to a spring security login form using cURL?

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I am working on a springMVC project in which the user authentication is based on spring security. the idea is to have a mobile (android) application to be able to send some sort of data to backend. …

Why does p:panelGrid not work with ui:repeat?

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If I use as below, I get no error, no output. Why does p:panelGrid not work with ui:repeat? Note : I don’t want to use c:forEach because of the I already face a lot of JSF issue.


Making Spring 3 MVC controller method Transactional

I am using Spring 3.1 and have my DAO and service layer(transactional) written. However in a special case to avoid a lazy init exception I have to make a spring mvc request handler method @…

Updating the JavaFx Gui with threads and or Tasks

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I am creating a chat program that contains a GUI that I have created in the new version of the JavaFx Scene builder. I have a main method that extends application and i have a simpleController (that …

Using Apache POI how to read a specific excel column

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I’m having a problem in excel while using Apache POI. I can read across rows, but sometimes I’m in a situation where I would like to read a particular column only. So is it possible to read any …