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Spring DeferredResult setResult causing 404

I am using the new spring 3.2 async servlet requests. All works well except in this one scenario… When someTest() is true spring/tomcat returns a 404. I am not sure how I should go about this or why this happens? I assume it might be because the Servlet Async Context has already been created. Is this a bug or am

Mocking a Spy method with Mockito

I am writing a unit test for a FizzConfigurator class that looks like: I’d like to write a simple unit test that stubs the doWidget(String,Config) method (so that it doesn’t actually fire and hit the database), but that allows me to verify that calling doBuzz(String) ends up executing doWidget. Mockito seems like the right tool for the job here. This

How to create a HashMap with two keys (Key-Pair, Value)?

I have a 2D array of Integers. I want them to be put into a HashMap. But I want to access the elements from the HashMap based on Array Index. Something like: For A[2][5], map.get(2,5) which returns a value associated with that key. But how do I create a hashMap with a pair of keys? Or in general, multiple keys:

Regex to extract valid Http or Https

I’m currently having some issues with a regex to extract a URL. I want my regex to take URLS such as: Through some tutorials, I’ve learned that this regex will find all the above: ^(http|https)://.*$ however, it will also take http://local:1000;http://invalid http://khttp://as a single string when it shouldn’t take it at all. I understand that my expression isn’t written to