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Convert Decimal to Hex using Recursive method Java

I need to make a recursive method that converts a decimal into hexadecimal. I can’t use Integer.toHexString. EDIT:I tried this code but it doesn’t work properly Edit: Changed the default case and the if (n == 0) loop return statement and it works beautifully now. new code: Answer The problem is in your default clause: it should read: That will

Where is the best place to begin transaction using Hibernate in a tired web application with Struts 2?

I got this Java web application which uses Struts 2 and Hibernate. In the most upper layer comprises of the Struts 2 action classes. Then there are my business logic classes which are responsible for the logic of the application. Finally there is a DAO layer (called Database Bridge) which is responsible for communicating with the database. Currently I open

Is it fine to do logs in java class with thread id?

When we add logs in to the java class (using log4j), Is it fine to add thread id with that log messages? is it a bad practice? My idea was to add this thread id; Once we examine a log file of a multithreaded application, it is difficult to find out the correct flow using logs. (As an example, say

Create and populate TreeMap in one line

Like an array new Integer[]{ 1, 2, 3 }, can I create and populate a TreeMap using just one line? // I want to use it in situations like this: this.lookFor( new TreeMap( {…} ) ); Any chances for …